It can be said that Ariko started writing at the same time as she learned to read and write as a child - at first it was only a simplified rewriting and editing of already written stories, but later it turned into her own literary work. Ariko wrote the manuscripts of her first works - a short story from a school camp and a shorter novel about the sinking of the Titanic - in 2004 and 2005, but these were never published. Her first published literary work - the first part of a four-part series of the novel "The Mist Covered Mountain" - was published in a limited edition in 2008. Since then, Ariko has written and published another five novels at her own costs. She is currently preparing the publication of two more novels and a short story, the digital version of which will be available for purchase on this website.

In addition to writing fiction, Ariko also writes poetry and song lyrics.

She writes her work primarily in Slovak and English, while some of her poems and songs are written in Spanish. She also translates her own work.

An interesting fact is that Ariko still uses paper and fountain pen to write her manuscripts. Her works transform into digital form by subsequent rewriting associated with the final editing of the text.

Ariko's older works were written and published under the pseudonym "Sharon Siracusa".

Below is a list containing Ariko's published works.


  • The Mist Covered Mountain: The Legend of Deirdre O'Mara (2008, ISBN 978-80-89371-03-7)

  • The Mist Covered Mountain: A Mysterious Enemy (2009, ISBN 978-80-89371-04-4)

  • The Mist Covered Mountain: Souls from the End of the World (2009, ISBN 978-80-89371-05-1)

  • Keito Has to Die (2010)

  • Lost in Japan (2011)

  • Kunamo (2013)

  • Kunamo (revised edition, 2022, ISBN 978-80-89371-20-4)

Awaiting publication:

  • Doomed (started in 2017, expected to be published in 2022)

Short stories:

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